About the therapies:

What is the therapy process?

The first step is making the initial appointment for yourself, or as a couple. During the first session we will get to know each other so you can decide If you feel in good hands, and would like to work with me.

We talk about your problems and goals and clarify what you would like to achieve. Sometimes this becomes evident in the first conversation, sometimes it needs several conversations, especially if two partners have different goals and desires.

The conversations are often about very intimate things that you may find difficult to talk about. Usually it gets easier once you get started and most people feel relieved when the issues are finally being addressed.

During the first session I will get a good sense of how best we could work together and will suggest how to proceed. Sometimes just a few therapy sessions can be successful, but many issues require time and practice to achieve sustainable changes.

Due to my extensive and varied training and experience, I can offer a range of therapeutic methods, individually tailored to you and your personal situation. With couples, this work is not about convincing one partner to bend to the better suit the other, rather, I offer skilled support while exploring different possibilities and other perspectives to jointly approach changes and develop new solutions.

Paar- und Einzeltherapie