Dr. Birte Nachtwey


After graduating from medical school in 1993, I first became a general surgeon and specialised in surgery of the abdomen and the glands. After a while, this type of ’fast lane life’ didn’t appeal and I became more and more interested in understanding and working with people facing difficulties in life. I then trained and qualified as a psychotherapist.

After further education and training, I discovered that I enjoy helping people who encounter problems in their relationships and/or feel limited in some way, unable to fully enjoy their sexuality. My experience is that many people don’t explore and use their great potential to live a happier, more fulfilling and satisfying sex life. I find that with some work and dedication, it is possible for everybody to improve the way to enjoy oneself, own body and to enrich the relationship. So I specialised in relationship and sex therapy and have been happily working in this field since 2008 in my private practice in Germany. My love for the Scottish culture and nature brought me to finally move to the beautiful Isle of Islay in 2018 after years of spending time there during my holidays.

Professional Training

  • Consecutive trainings as a specialist in
    1. general surgery
    2. gastroenterologic surgery
    3. psychotherapy
  • 3-year therapeutic training in Integrative Therapy at Integralis Institute, Hamburg
  • 2-year Sexual Therapy further education and supervision with Prof. Ulrich Clement, Heidelberg and Dr. Ulrike Brandenburg, of the German Society for Sexual Research
  • Certified Systemic Consultant (German Society for Systemic Therapy)
  • Behavioral training at the Hamburg Institute for Psychotherapy Behavior Therapy (HIP) and a member of the DGVT (German Society of Behavioral Therapy)
  • Couples and Sexual Therapy training, Dr. David Schnarch, USA (since 2006 annual workshops of 4 – 10 days)
  • Further education in body-oriented Sexual Therapy according to the Sexocorporel method (Zurich Institute for Clinical Sexology & Sexual Therapy ZISS) and Certified Clinical Sexologist and member of ISI (International Sexocorporel Institute)

This broad background with its variety of methods allows me to individually tailor therapy to best meet your specific needs.

I can offer therapy in English, German & French.

Membership College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists – the UK professional body for therapists and counsellors specialising in psychosexual and relationship issues