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The Sexocorporel Approach

The concept of Sexocorporel was developed by Prof. Jean-Yves Desjardins at the University of Montreal. The model provides a thorough evaluation of all sexually relevant elements (physical, emotional, relational)and focuses on the physical-genital level in the direct causal relationship of a sexual problem. This counselling approach, tried and tested over many years and continually developed in line with new sexological findings, allows a very differentiated diagnosis and treatment drawing on precise analysis.

This approach is an extension of current sexualtherapeutic schools that focus mainly on intrapsychic conflicts or the relationship level.

Sexocorporel offers a sound theory, combined with concrete sexological ’tools’.

Sexocorporel - Education:

For information about training programmes in Berlin, Kissleg, Zuerich and Vienna on the ZISS website: www.ziss.ch and the University of Merseburg www.hs-merseburg.de/studium/studiengaenge/sexologie/.

Further information is also available at: www.sexocorporel.com/en/ and institut-sexocorporel-deutschland.de/

Workshop Sexocorporel in Hamburg


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